How To Write A Great Article? ~Content Writing Tips~

How To Write A Great Article? ~Content Writing Tips~

Welcome to my how to write a great article blog post. If you are thinking of making money from blogging, Then you need to know the technique of writing articles properly. In addition, in order to earn money online by writing articles directly through “freelancing” , you must know the riles of writing content in a perfect and professional way. Because, there are a lot of articles on any topic on the internet at present. So with the increase in competition, People prefer only articles that are clear, interesting, skillful and professionally written.

So, as a content writer, it is important that you have every strategy of content writing. Interesting content that everyone will like, There are basically 9 rules of writing. If you know the rules of writing this article, People will definitely like the content and articles you write. So let’s go over the “Content Writing Tips” below to learn one of the “best article writing techniques”.

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Professional Article Writing Tips:

Maybe, You are writing an english or bangla article, in each case these rules of article writing will be the same.Moreover, the rules for writing a good and interesting content may be different for each person. In this article, I am going to tell you about the “Content Writing Tips” as my own personal feelings and experiences.

1. Pick Your Article Topic

Of course i know that it is normal to choose a topic when writing an article. However, always keep the topic of your article in a way that you have a lot of experience. Because in the case of articles, You have to give a lot of information about that whole thing.

So, if you do not have the knowledge related to the topic, then it will be difficult to write a good article. However, the “Topic” or “Subject” you choose to write the article, so that you know. In this way, you can write the topic as simple and confident as you like. And, If you are “self-confident”. your article has a chance to be better.

2. Address Your Audience Needs

To write a good article, you first need to think about your audience. Because, you are just writing the article for them. And so, you have to keep in mind what your audience wants to know through your article. Write down exactly what your audience wants to know. Otherwise, People will not be interested while reading the article.

So, keep the whole article connected with the topic for which you are writing the article. Remember, The audience wants to know more information, but the information out of need is of no use to them. So, whether your article is 500 words or 5000 words, it does not matter. How well you are able to answer and solve the questions of the audience through the article that is the real thing.


3. Research

It is very important to do a little research before writing an article on any subject. This will allow you to find new information on the topic. And you will be able to publish the new information found through research in your own article. In this way, the audience will have a lot of interest in your article.

Because, They are getting the complete work and profitable information related to the subject of the article together. There are many good and reliable websites on the internet today from which you can get accurate and complete information on any subject.

“Wikipedia” is the best of these trusted websites.

4. Make Points To Cover

One of the most important article writing tips is no make the points that you will talk about in the whole article. Th this way, you can keep researching and receiving information as points. You will also benefit a lot from writing the article. Because, you are already sure that you will publish the information in detail about some issues As a result, You can write good quality content.

Moreover, By talking about different topics and different topics on any topics, The listeners will be able to receive information in a better and convenient way.

5. Use Article Introduction

It is important to write an introduction for each article. Introduction, the first 200-300 words in an article. And, within those 200-300 words, Your audience needs to understand the subject matter of the article. Remember, With the interesting “introduction” of the article. You can make your audience interested in reading the whole article.

Because, The first 200 to 300 words of your article will be read by the listeners first. And, if your article is intro interesting, listeners will definitely enjoy reading the whole article.

So, in the introduction section of your article, You need to write about your expertise related to the subject of the article, the story, the important information, what the article, these kinds of things.

6. Write Compelling Headlines

Headlines, or headings, are used more or less in every article. However, many people do not know the benefits of using headlines. It is very important to use different H tags like “H1, H2, H3, H4,H5” when writing a clear, beautiful and interesting article.

The headline grow larger in size than ordinary writing and through it is expected to attract the audience. The audience will understand that you are writing content targeting different topics in different parts of the article. In addition, the entire article can be broken down into smaller sections via “headline”.

This allows readers to read the entire content very easily and clearly. And so, be sure to use interesting headings (H1, H2, H3, H4… ). In different parts of the article. Also, write the headings like this, as you read my blog articles, you can see how i use headings one by one after writing some content.


7. Shorter Paragraphs

Remember, When writing an excellent quality, interesting and dexterous article, you have to pay attention to a particular subject. That is writing articles in short paragraphs. You can visit all the best blogs. They write their articles in short paragraphs. You must use this rule of article writing. Because, everyone is using this process among the article writing tips.

This will allow your audience to read your article clearly. However, when an article is written in large paragraphs, readers get a lot of annoyance and as a result they go without reading the entire article.

So, in this case, write short paragraphs so that the readers who read your article can read the article clearly and conveniently.

8. Add Related Images To Article

Now, To make an article interesting and interesting, You must add related pictures to it. Moreover, through the pictures added to the article. You can easily explain the different points to the audience. There is no such thing as “a picture is worth 1000 words”.

Therefore, It is very important to add necessary and related images to different parts of the content. Through images, readers can easily and clearly understand the content.

9. Use Bullet Points & Numbers

You must use “bullet Points” and “number list” in different parts of your article. In this way, It is easier to understand the special points of the article and increase the attraction towards the article. Therefore, The better and easier the listeners can understand the content of your article, The more skillful, high quality and good the article will be.

So, If you are writing an article on a blog, You must use “Bullet Points” and “Number List” to mean special points.

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