How To Use YouTube? ~Best 9 Free Tools For YouTubers~

How To Use YouTube Tools ? ~Best 9 Free Tools For YouTubers~

Welcome to my how to use youtube tools blog post. As a YouTuber, We have to do different things everyday. For different types of editing. scripting, content and research, we need a lot of tools and software. However, there are many online tools and websites on the internet that will come in handy. And so, in today’s article we will learn about some of the online tools and software that will be of great use to you as a youtuber.

But don’t worry, You can use these tools and websites for free to create videos on youtube for free.

So, if you have a youtube channel, then you must try these 9 free tools given below. Essential online tools and websites for youtube.

Below, you can use each of the tools for free. However, in the case of some tools you use the paid or upgraded version. That is entirely upgrading in the future, then that is also possible.

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Top 9 Online Tools For Every YouTube Channel

Friends, if you like the article, comment below, but of course let me know. And, If you know of any good online tools that will come in handy on YouTube, let me know in the comments. Let’s start our list of online tools for youtube below.


How To Use YouTube? ~Best 9 Free Tools For YouTubers~

If you are not using canva as a blogger or youtuber, you still have a lot to learn. Canva is an online free tool that is essential for every youtube channel. Because, here you will find various free templates, Which you can use to create interesting youtube video thumbnail.

Moreover, You can create any kind of logo, poster, infographic, youtube channel art etc. Here in freight. And, You will find many kinds of free stock videos and images here.

I am just using the online tool to create thumbnails for each of my blog posts and youtube video. As such, You can easily use canva from your mobile. There is difinitely a canva android app for using canva on a smatphone. In fact, it is one of the best online image editor tools.


How To Use YouTube? ~Best 9 Free Tools For YouTubers~

As a YouTuber, You or i have to do keyword research. Keyword research allows us to find good topic ideas for our content or other related keywords related to the main topic. So, in this case “” will help you.

Using you can find many other useful keywords, queries or search teems related to any topic, which are searched on youtube or google. If you want to find the search terms or kwyeords searched on youtube, select youtube from the options above.

And if you are thinking of using this tool for blogging, then selected google from the options. Using this tool, You can know the search voliume, CPC, competition, etc. Of any keyword. However, that is only possible using the paid version. Using the free version, You can learn about keywords, related key terms or search terms searched on various topics on the internet.


3. Remove .bg

As a YouTuber, You have to create a video thumbnail for any video you create. And, now we try to add our own photo or pictures in youtube video thumnbail. In this case you need a good and best image background removal software. is one of the best online tools you can use to remove the background from any photo.

This tool removes the background so clearly and accurately that only the person in the picture can be clearly understood. So, if you want to add your own pictures to youtube thumbnails, You can use this online background removal tool.

4. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

It is an offline tool and many youtubers are using this software. OBS is a computer screen recordinh software through which screen recording can be done in a very simple and straight forward way. I myself am using this OBS software to create “screen recording” videos for my Youtube channel. With this free screen recorder, You can record high quality and HD quality screen video.

You can download this free screen recording software by going to the “download OBS for free” link.

5. Shotcut

Shotcut is a video editing software that you have to download and use on your computer. I myself am using this free video editing software for youtube and to be honest, it’s almost the same as paid software. Because, you can do the work of video editing in a paid video editing software, You can also do it in this shotcut free video editing software.

Video effects, 4k resolution support, webcam capture, and capture, color, test, noise and counter generators, video compositing, video wipe transitions, video filters, etc. You will find many kinds of editing tools here. So, if you are looking for one of the best and free software to edit your own youtube videos, I recommend using shotcut. Shotcut can be downloaded and used for free.



As a youtuber, You know how important it is to use intro in the first part of a video. But the question is, How to create intro for youtube video for free? Is that so….?

In this case, the “Panzod” online website or tool come in handy. Here are some per-made inros, which you can edit and download as your own. And you can add the downloaded intro video to your youtube videos through “video editing software”.

Then you can use this online tool as a free intro maker for Youtube.

7. Tubebuddy

This tool is essential for YouTube but a “google chrome extension”. You can use this tool only when using google chrome browser. Everyone is using this “Tubebuddy Extension” as a youtuber. And, that too for a special reason.

Do you want to know the reason?

Using the tubebuddy chrome extension, You can see the “tags” of any video on YouTube. You will find complete information about the keyword tags used in a video. In addition, You will find information about which tags or keywords the video ranks first in youtube search.

In this way, You can use those keyword tags in your videos by looking at which tags or keywords are coming from other popuar and more viewed videos related to your youtube videos. You can use tubebuddy for free and analyze your competitor’s videos.

8. Youtube audio library

You ofter have to download and use different background music in your youtube videos. If you use background music ij your youtube videos. If you use background music in the video, viewers get better watching and listening to the videos. But remember, You can not use any audio or music file in your video. Using someone else’s music or audio files in your video without permission can cause a “copyright Strik” in your videos.

So, in this case you can use the “YouTube audio library”.

You will get various “royalty free” background music and aufio effects. And, You can use these audio files in any of your youtube videos without any hassle. However, before using the music file or sound effects, You will seem, So that “you are free to use this song in any of your videos.”


Pixabay is a free stock image & video website. When it comes to creating videos for Youtube, We often make videos using some per-made video clips. And in this case, We need some “royalty free stock videos.”

This means some video clips that we can use in our own videos without fear of “copyright”. And in this case, pixabay comes in handy. From here, You can download various free stock videos on nay subject.

Through the search box of the website, You can find the video clip as per your need.

My last word

So friends, Today we have learned about some of the essential and best tools for YouTube , which come in handy for every youtuber. Given the above, I am using the essential tools for YouTube myself.

And, to be honest, Many of these tools, Such as “canve”, “tubebuddy”, “” are used by about 90% of YouTubers.

And so, If any of these online tools come in handy, be sure to let us know in the comments below. Also, when it comes to creating YouTube videos, If you are using any other tools that are not no this list, be sure to let us know.

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