How To Make Money Writing Articles ? – Make Money By Writing Online Articles ($100-$500)

How To Make Money Writing Articles ? - Make Money By Writing Online Articles ($100-$500)

Welcome to my how to make money writing articles blog post. In this age of internet you can take the opportunity to earn money online without just watching online videos, Chatting on social media or doing other unnecessary work. This is of course true and thousands of people in different countries and abroad are earning a minimum of $100-$500 sitiing at home through the internet. And, in some cases, people are earning a lot more money than that.

Thus, There are many ways or rules of online income from the internet. Among those rules, creating blogs and youtube channel is the best means of online income. I have already told you in details about how to make money from youtube. So, today i want to give you a little knowledge about a new subject. That is, earn money by writing articles online in different ways.

I urge you to read this articles in its entirety. In this you will be able to understand everything better.

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What Is Article Writing?

Article writing is generally a piece of writing, part or part that we have to write a minimum of 300 words. And, in any article we write about a specific topic, Subject or topic. You have a good knowledge of such a topic or subject and you can give a lot of information to people about it through articles.

Perviously, Articles were usually written or published in newspapers and book or magazines. But, nowadays you can published in newspaper and book or magazines. But, now a days you can publish articles through online blogs, forums, websites or any means of digital marketing. Now, time have change and everything is digital.

How To Write An Article?

Whether you are writing an article in a blog or in a magazine, there are some general rules for writing an article that if you don,t follow, people won’t like you topic. You must, of course, try to get people interested in your content. So that they enjoy every word you write and the subject you are writing about, So that they understand better. Only then you can make a name for yourself as a successful content writer.

It is not up to me to teach you how to write an article on a topic or how well you are publishing an article on a topic or topic. It all depends on the knowledge and experience you have on any topic. The more knowledge and experience you have, the better you can write an articles on details. Only then will people be interested in your articles. And so, always remember before writing an article, A to Z is all about the topic or topic you are thinking of writing so that you know.

In addition, I would like to talk about some general rules of article writing, Which you can use to make your content very interesting and easy to understand.


How To Write An Attractive Article ? (5 Tips)

If you want to see yourself as a successful article writer or make your career as a article writing, Then you have to follow some general content writing rules. These are the basic rules and the use of these rules is very important if you want to write interesting use friendly, perfect articles . So what are the rules for writing articles?

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Get Started:

1. Apply clear, intersting and short titles. After reading the title, visitors will be interested to read your article. And, by writing short titles, The subject matter of your article will before clearer.

2. Rememberm Write in short paragraphs. This us a very effective rule for writing a clear , clear and user friendly content, You will understand when you see all the big blogs online on the internet. Whenever they write an article, they write short 3 to 4 like paragraphs. These short paragraphs get people much better later and as a result people spend a lot more time reading your writing.

3. Must use heading. It is very important to use headings such as (h1, H2, H3, And H4) . In this, Many parts of the whole article can be created and it is very convenient for your reader to read one and a half writings. Remember, The use of headings is very important.

4. Write articles between a minimum of 500 to 1500. If you want, You can write articles of more than 1500 words. However, Do not write articles less than 50 words. The more words you use to create your own content or writing on a subject, the more knowledge you will gain by burning that writing, The more knowledge you will gain by burning that writing. And, Your readers come to read your writing or content to gain knowledge .

5. Use pictures, Hey, a good and interesting writing can’t be made without pictures. You can use pictures related to your topic in the article. In this way, the article will be more interesting and will look good.

If you write an article using the rules I mentioned, It will definitely become completely interesting and clear and with that people will get interest after your writing. Using these rules I write content on my blog and people are very happy to burn them.

However, What is an article? How to write? You may have got the answer well. So let’s go, now we know how to make money by writing online articles on the internet, Knowing the best rules or ways.


How To Make Money Online By Writing Articles?

I have written in the title above you can easily earn between $100 to $500 by writing content. People are earning more money every month through online content writing. It depends on your writing skills, Qualifications and performance and on what medium you are earning. You can work with content writing as a business.

1. Write Articles Through Blogging

When it comes to earning money through articles writing, I will choose blogging as the best and the best medium. Create a blog in which you can write your own article. You can write exactly what you like to write. For example, if you don,t know english, you can earn money by writing hindi or bengali content.

The process of making money by creating a blog is very straight forward. And, If you want, You can create your own blog, write an article in it, then you can earn money by showing google adsense ads on the blog or through affiliate marketing. Regular money. Thousands of people from home and abroad are earning millions of rupees a month by writing articles through this blogging.

If you write a good article on a regular basis, You start earning about $100 to $200 a month in just 3 to 4 months. And, then the number of these incomes will gradually increase depending on your work. However, the amount of income will depend entirely on your work and the quality of the content.

So, if you also want to make income online throuigh blogging and content writing, then read these topics below. If you go to the links given above and read the articles, You will understand everything from startiing a blog to earning money.

Finally, I want to tell you one thing. I have no idea how much you will earn using other means. But, if you learn blogging with mind and interest then start it, It will save you a lot of money, You can’t even imagine it.

The whole thing here depends on writing good articles. I myself, only by writing articles in benfali on this bengali blog, I am earning a good amount of money per month. And, now i am running this blog as a part time business.


2. Paid (Guest Posting) On Other People’s Blogs

Paid guest posting is a service through which you can earn money by writing articles on other people’s blogs. Today, there are many blog or website owners who do not have time to write articles for their blogs. And, So they encourage other people to wrote articles on their blog through paid guest posting.

If you write content related to the topic of the blog through a paid guest post on their blog, they will pay you some money to write that article. But, You have to write original, good and related content related to their blog. Then, they will pay you for that writing.

You can search for paid guest posting sites or blogs on google or social media such as facebook or twitter. There are many digital marketing pages or guest pages on facebook in which people share about this type of guest posting work or guest posting blog.

If you get some good paid guest posting blogs, then you can earn good money online by writing regular for them. Many are doing. I have seen many bengali blogs in which you can register directly and earn money by writing articles there. If you search on google, You will find many such blogs.

3. A Through Article Revenue Sharing Websites

Did you know that there are many web sites to earn money by writing articles that you can use to earn money online from home. This is called “Article revenue Sharing Site”. But , these are not what you write on the site. I have to write the content using the rules of writing the article mentioned above and the original must be self written content.

Moreover, It is better if the number of articles is more than 1500. In the end, If those websites accept your written content, they will then pay you for that article. If you write regular articles using these sites, You can earn $200-$500 at home. Come on, You know about those websites.


The Best Website To Earn Money By Writing Articles

I have not used these websites myself. But, a lot of online reviews burn and i found out about these websites through the internet. So, you can try these sites.

1. – Write Content And Earn Income Here you can write any kind of article. And, by writing an article, You have to share it with you through social media or any other means. After sharing the article, when your article gets 200 views and 10 nice read or like, You will be paid for that written article.

All you have to do is go to the kalaage register page to create an account and click on the start writing like to write the content. Then share your article on facebook or other social media and earn money. You can earn up to $300 per article.

2. Earn With Each View

Among the websites that make money by writing content, I like to know about the author. website. Become, Here you care given the opportunity of online income in two ways.

Write an article and come up with every view. And, secondly you can share any article of this website on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) and you will be given a dashboard. In dashboard you will get your income report and other details.

3. OpinionsWall- Erite and earn

Here you have to create a opinionswall account straight away. Remember, So that you can better your account details. Then you have to write a good article here. You can write any topic. But, so that your writing is original and copied from somewhere so that it is not stolen.

I have read many good reviews about this website. People say that here theu are writing content like themelves and making money online from home. Here you can by writing, Sharing, Commenting or liking articles. Finally, you do not have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

You can withdraw the money earned here through google pay and bank transfer.

Apart from these, There are many other sites to earn income by writing articles


Then, using the rules or websites mentioned above, You can make advantage of the opportunity to earn money by writing your own article. Remember, I have never used these websites myself. I told you about these sites by burning various media and reviews on the internet.

Last Word

I hope my friends, I can explain to you, what is an article, how to write an article and some good ways to earn money online by writing articles and sites. if you like my today’s article, You must share.


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