How To Make Money Using A Smartphone ? 100% Real Way

How To Make Money Using A Smartphone ? 100% Real Way

Welcome to my how to make money using a smartphone blog post. You can earn $100-$300 per month using android mobile. Technology is going to be so fast and advanced that making money with android mobile has now become a tradition or fashion. There are many ways to make online income on mobile. But in this post i will tell you 5 easy ways that will really giving you the opportunity to earn income with mobile. Before i start this article, let me tell you something. The online ways to make money with android mobile are what i would say are being used by many people today to make unlimited income online. And you can do that too. Today i discuss How To Make Money Using A Smartphone .

One thing to keep in mind, though is that there is no such thing as a life without hard work. And, for that you also have to work hard to reduce money from online mobile.

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Best 5 Easy Ways To Make Money With Smartphone

If you have a smartphone, Then of course you can earn part-time and full-time money online. And, The 5 essential ways for him, I have explained to you very easily below. Today i discus you How To Make Money Using A Smartphone.

1. Blogging And Websites

Did you know that you can earn unlimited money by creating a blog or website from mobile? If you do not know, then know better. You can also go to Google ( website and create a free blog and website. And then, when your blog or website starts getting visitors or traffic, you can start earning money from your own blog or website.

You may think that making a blog from mobile is very difficult or troublesome to make income. But, not at all. It only takes 10 minutes to create your blog from mobile. And, After that you can bring traffic by writing good articles on your blog.

When visitors start hoping fro a blog, You can start earning money by registering your blog with google adsense. If you want income from blog and adsense then you don’t need any computer or laptop. You can make a blog on your smartphone and earn income through google adsense by writing articles in it.

2. YouTube Channel

The idea of making money online by creating a YouTube channel is very good. You can earn money by uploading videos on YouTube channel. Remember, the video you upload to your YouYube channel must be your own video. If you upload someone else’s video to your channel, it will be treated as copyrighted video. You upload it to your channel so that it is completely original and made by you.

May Be wondering how YouTube Can upload videos

Can you be upload any kind if videos on your YouTube channel. For example, tutorial videos, comedy videos, Story, mobile reviews or anything. make a tutorial video from your mobile and upload it to the channel for quick success. But keep in mind, “Make Whatever You Want” and any part of the video so that there is no copied part or part of any other video.

by the way, if you upload the original self-made video to YouTube, You can start earning money very quickly. Now you have create a channel on YouTube and uploaded videos. But, how to reduce the money? How to make money from uploaded videos? Is that what you are thinking now?


3. Android Apps

You can earn money from various android apps. But, This way of earning money from your mobile, You will not have much income. If you are a student, house waif or retired person then you can use this way to earn some extra income. If you go to “google play store” search for “earning apps, online income app or free recharge app”, You will find many apps that will give you real money for various tasks.

Best Earning Apps name : Truebalance, Mcent, Amulyam, Pocket Money, TaskBucks, ETC.

In this apps “google play store” free download and you can earn income from mobile. After downloading the app, You have to do a lot of work. For Example – Downloading apps, referring apps, watching video. And in return for these tasks, You are paid some money by the app you can earn a lot of money.


If you are looking for ways to make extra income from mobile, Then websites like OLX and Quike can help you. OLX or Quikr is actually a website where you can sell any old thing or product. Whatever it is, bike, mobile, TV, Car, computer, laptop or anything. You can earn money by going to these two websites and selling old things.

If you have old things in your house, You can sell them. Take a photo of what you want to sell, upload it to OLX or QUIKR website and write about the thing or what you want to sell with price. Then in some time the customer will start to get.

5. Short Link Website

Do you know about short link websites? If not here’s a new product just for you! You don’t have to do much. First you have to go to some short link website and register the account. The names of some trusted and good short link websites are –,,, Linkshrink.Net etc. You can go to any of these or all of the site to account.

Now let me tell you how you can earn money through these ahort link websites. In fact, these websutes are called link shortener websites. Here, you are given a box where you can shorten any website URL address link by pasting it. You can copy the URL of any article, video, song or website from the internet and shorten it with these URL shortener websites.

Link shortener websites will give you $5 – $15 per 1000 views or some $5-$10. But your income will be good. You can do everything with your mobile. You need to go to this link shortener website and shorten the best videos, articles or website url address and share as much as possible on facebook group , whatsapp group or other social media.

Then, as many visitors will go to the URL address given by clicking on your link, They will see the advertisement and you will earn money.

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