How To Make Money Google Admob? -Best Way To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Google Admob? –Best Way To Make Money Online

Welcome to my how to make money google admob blog post. You may have seen many times, After downloading and installing any app from google play store on mobile, When that app is opened, We see some advertisements. Then maybe the only question that comes to our mind is, “these ads are apps how are they shown and why?” There are many such questions in our minds about these ads.

If the question is why ads are shown in the apps, Then the straightforward answer is “for the purpose of making money.” after opening any application on mobile, If the advertisement is being shown there, then the owner of the application is earning money by showing us that advertisement. And now if you ask me, How the ads are placed or shown in the apps, The answer will be “google admob”.

Google admob is a google product or service that can be used to display ads on android or IOS mobile apps. And, You can earn money from admob by showing ads in the apps in this way nowadays, The process of making money by showing ads in apps through admob has proved to be very profitable. And, many are working on this way of making money from the internet as a Business.

So, If you are also looking for such a different and profitable process of making money online, Then this article will come in handy. After reading this article completely, You will understand what is the right process and way to make =money from google admob.

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What Is Admob ?

Admob is google mobile advertising platform through which you can earn money by showing ads on IOS and android apps. This admob from google gives you the opportunity to earn income by showing various banner ads and video ads in one mobile app.

Only those who have an application can earn income through admob. And, in the case of earning money by showing ads on their android applications, The owners of apps and apps in the google play store will difinitely get an extra income. Moreover, The ads shown through admob will be responsive.

This means that the type of ads that will automatically adjust with the size of the screen of the mobile. This does not create a bad user experience when displaying ads.

AdMob mobile advertising company was founded on april 10,2006 by Omar Hamoui. In November 2009, The company was acquired by google for $750 million. And since then admob has become a part or service of google. So, to put it bluntly, google admob is a “mobile app monetization platform” for publishers.

How To Make Money From AdMob ?

The process of making money from google admob is very straightforward. However, if you do not have the right knowledge about this, You will definitely be in trouble. Many prople do not understand the difference between google adsense and google admob. Remember, Google adsense and google is an online advertising platform, through which website owners can earn income by showing ads on their blogs or websites.

however, Using adsense, You can only earn income by showing ads on your own blog or website. Adsense will not work to earn money by showing ads in mobile applications. In this case, However, Google admob is used. So, fo you understand the difference between google adsense and google admob?


Steps To Earn Money From Google AdMob

So let’s go, below i will tell you the step by step process that you can follow to earn money from google admob.

1. If you want to earn income by showing ads through google admob, Then forst you ahve to have an application where you can attach or put ads.

2. Remember, You need to go to your app developer to create a mobile application. And, then you can create the app according to your needs or ideas. Moreover, If you have the knowledge or experience to create an app, You can create an android app yourself.

3. Now, in order to create ads, you must first create an admob account. with a google account or gmail account, You can easily signup for admob.

4. After creating the account, You will see an option of “apps” on the lift side of the dashboard. After clicking on the option of apps, You will see an option of “add your first app”. And y clicking on this “add your first app” option you can submit your app to your admob account.

5. Now, After submitting your app to admob, You will see the “create ad unit” option. And, with this create ad unit option you can see different types of ads like “banner”, “Interstitial”‘ You can create “Rewarded”, “Native advanced” and attach it to your application.

6. Now, Whenever a person downloads and installs your application on his mobile, while using the app, some ads will shown on his mobile by admob. And, In this way you can earn money by showing the user through various ads apps.

7. When the minimum 100 income in your admob account, then the money will be sent to your bank account automatically.

8. In order to earn more money quickly by showing ads through apps, First submit your android app to “google play store”. This will allow a lot more people to find your apps and as a result there will b a lot of app downloads everyday.

Remember, the more your apps are downloaded, The more ads admob will show users.

And So, You will have a good amount of income every day.


How To Submit App To Google Play Store?

So you can easily submit any android application in google play store. However, In this case, You need to know something special.

1. First of all you need to create a google play console account. In this case, You can use any of your google account ar Gmail account.

2. In case of depositing your “androif app” in “google play store” you have to pat $25 as fee.

3. When your android app is downloaded from the google play store by “1000 users”, You can go to google admob and create a publisher account.

4. When your application is downloaded by 1000 users, You can easily get approval from admob. And then, You have to create ads from admob account and apply those ad codes in your application.

5. Now when a user downloads your application from google play store, He will be shown ads from Admob.

So, The process of making money through your own app and google admob was so easy.

1. Create the app.

2. Submit the app to google play store.

3. Once the app has been downloaded and installed by 1000 users, Create an admob publisher account.

4. Create ads by submitting your app to admob.

5. Now, Put the ads in your app through coding.

6. In the end, You earn in return for the ads shown to users through the app.

Some websites to create android app yourself Now if you want to create an android app yourself an it is without any coding knowledge, then you can do it using some online android apps making website.

You can easily create your own android application using these app development websites without any knowledge of coding. As i said before, I told you about the website for making android apps.

Using the above mentioded websites you can create an android application (app) for free weithout any knowledge of coding. And it is also possible to make money using google admob through the apps create in this way.

Revenue From Google Admob

So friends, I hope i have been able to give you complete information on ow to make money from google admob. In today’s article, we learn about “wHat is admob” and “how to make money from admob”. Moreover, If you have any questions or problems with “what is admob in bangla”, Then you must comment below.

Friends, blogging and the way to make a lot of money online from YouTube, Just like an android app, You can make a lot of money online. And pin order to make money from an app, You will need 3 thing, “own an application”, “an admob account” and “googler play console account”. I hope you have understood the whole thing well.

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