How To Make Money From Website As A Beginner? – The Best Way To Earn

How To Make Money From Website As A Beginner?

– The Best Way To Earn

How To Make Money From Website As A Beginner

Welcome to my How To Make Money From Website As A Beginner blog post. making money by creating a website is currently being considered as a modern and smart career. Besides, Making money from websites is a very real thing and many people are making money online through it. I my self am earning a good amount of income per month through a blog website. If you can put hard-work and time on your own website. Then in the future you may be able to earn part-time or full-time income from your website.

However, before you know How To Make Money From Website As A Beginner. You must have knowledge of some other things. And there are some other things that you need to know as a website owner. After knowing some general rules and procedures for creating a website many it is possible to create your own website easily.

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How To Make Money From Website As A Beginner?

Here i will tell you about 10 ways to make money from a website. But keep in mind that rach of these ways to earn money from website will take some time. So, you have to work with patience and mind. If you can work properly, You can make a lot of money using these means. After you create your own website. When a good amount of traffic and visitors will start coming to the website. Then you can earn income through your own website using the methods giving below. Come on in take a look and enjoy yourself !

#1. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

When you create a website and when your website will have a lot of visitors or traffic everyday. Then you can earn money from your website through affiliate marketing. This allows you to connect with various digital products companies or e-commerce websites on the internet and promote their products and services on your website.

In order to promote the products or services of the companies you will be giving some special links which are called affiliate links. And when you buy any products or services through the affiliate links promoted by the visitors from your website. You will be paid some commission.

And this way you will be able to sell them by promoting innumerable products and services on your website. And for every sale you make commission income. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money from a website. In order to earn more commission through this. You must have more traffic on your website. There must be affiliate program of any paid or premium services active on the internet.

So you have different digital products such as,

  • Domain
  • Web Hosting
  • e-book
  • WordPress Themes
  • e-Commerce products

Etc. you can earn income by showing affiliate links of thousands of other products on your website. You can use the affiliate programs given below to earn money through affiliate marketing.

  • Commission Junction
  • Share ASale
  • Amazon Associates
  • Click Bank


#2. Showing Google Adsense Ads On The Website

How To Make Money From Website As A Beginner? Google adsense has proven to be the easiest but most profitable way to make money from websites or blogs. When your websites starts to receive some amount of traffic. You can register and apply for google adsense. If your website is approved by google adsense. Then, You can show adsense ads on your website. When the adsense ads displayed on your website are clicked by website visitors. You will get some money for each of those ad clicks.

This way, the more clicks you get on each ad shown by adsense. The more revenue you can earn. Thus google adsense is the first and favorite way to earn money for any website. Remember that it is possible to earn millions of rupees every month from a website by showing google adsense ads. And many blog and website owners are different things. For example, How much you are being paid for each ad click (CPC), Which country your website traffic is coming from, etc.

#3. Sell Ad Space

Above i told you that it is a very easy and profitable way to earn money by showing ads on the website through google adsense. However, many times it can be a lot of trouble to get approval from adsense. And in some cases it can take years to get approval. Because the rules and conditions of google adsense are very strict. And so to get adsense approval they to work according to the rules.

In this case, in addition to google adsense, you can directly show ads of different companies on some parts of their website. This means that you can rent some parts of your website to different companies. And in the parts of your rented website, the companies will show ads as them.

These types of ads are called sponsored ads. And in the case of these types of sponsored ads, You can take a good amount of money from the companies. The more traffic or visirors you ahve to your website. The more money you can demand. You can let others know through the website that you want to rent or sell parts of your website.

#4. Direct Sponsored Articles

I have seen many such websites which do not show any kind of advertisement. So how do those websites earn income? The answer is to publish direct sponsored articles or posts. In this case, the company asked some websites or blogs to write articles related to their products and services. And then informative articles about the writing these articles. Website owners can get a good amount of money from companies. This process is called direct sponsored articles or sponsorship.


#5. Income From Paid Reviews

Like direct sponsored articles, It is possible to make a good amount of income from a website through paid reviews. Write reviews on your website about different products and services of different companies. And you can connect with the companies and collect money from them for every paid review. There are many websites on the internet where you can get paid reviews.

#6. Make Money By Creating A Website

If you can create a variety of websites/blogs using WordPress. Then you can earn money by selling your own websites. At present every company needs a portfolio website. So you can connect with different companies and create a portfolio website or brand website for them. Moreover, You can sell your own websites directly through flippa website.

#7. Make Money By Selling E-books

E-books are very popular at present. And so you can earn money by selling e-books on your own website. Now the question is where to get the e-book? you can make some articles into e-books and then sell them on your own website. But people will not buy any ordinary e-book. You need to create an e-book on a good subject using your own experience, knowledge and skills. Then there will be an opportunity to sell e-books.

#8. Sell Online Courses

You can create your own online course website and sell video courses and e-book courses there. You can create courses on a specific subject and upload those courses on your own website. And you can sell the courses created through your own experience and skills for a premium charge.

At present these is a lot of demand for online courses. And so by creating an online course website but more money can be earned. Suppose you are an expert in web designing. In this case, You can create a video course of complete web designing and give them premium access through your own website.

And if the price of your entire web designing coyrse is only 300 rupees. then eben if 300 people take that course 300*300=90,000 rupees is your income . Moreover, through the video courses created only once. There will be income from new students again and again. So there is a lot of potential to make money online by creating an online course website.

#9. Start An E-commerce Website

At present, the practice of buying and selling online is very much ahead. So you too can take advantage of this opportunity. If you want to start an online business through a website you can start an e-commerce business. You can start an online shopping website with any one or more products. And, when people find out about your shopping website, you can make money by selling lots of products through your shopping website.

#10. Create An Affiliate Website

As i told you above affiliate is the most profitable way to earn income from a website. So, you can make a lot of income by creating a specific affiliate website. For example, you have created a website about “domain & hosting”. Now that the traffic and visitors to your website are clearly interested in domain & hosting shopping.

In this case, you can connect with different companies/websites involved in domain and hosting and sell their products & services to your website visitors. And in this way, You can create a website related to any particular product & services and sell those products through affiliate to earn income.

And many such affiliate website such as,

  1. Amazon Affiliate Website,
  2. WordPress theme
  3. WordPress plugin
  4. Travel agency
  5. e-Commerce

Etc, You can make income by affiliate marketing.

So friends, I hope you understand the 1p ways and processes of how to make money by creating a website. If there is any problem or solution related to the article, You must comment below. Moreover, if you like the article you must share.

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