How To Make Money From Online Blogging? – Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money From Online Blogging? – Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money From Online Blogging

Welcome to my How To Make Money From Online Blogging post.Blogging is a popular media or site for writing. A blog is an online journal or information website that displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where an author or even a group of writers share views on an individual topic.

Those who have good writing skills can easily make money through blogging. It’s just like a diary used in daily life. The only difference is that no one can read a personal world diary unless there is support if the quality of your writing is good and to attract the reader.

Then your blogging site will be very popular and the number of visitors will continue to increase and by using this popularity you will be able to earn money from home through blogging.

And those who blog are bloggers. Of course, many have become very popular bloggers, earning money as well as gaining a lot of reputation. So why not start a blog today and start earning money. however, it is not a big deal here. you will have a good strong profile online is the big deal.

I gave some ideas on how to open an account on a blogging site in my previous post. Let’s find out the ways to earn money from blogging very easily.

How To Make Money From Online Blogging

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How To Write An Interesting And Beautiful Blog

The Easy Way To Earn Money Through Blogging: How To Make Money From Online Blogging?

(1) Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a popular medium for online advertising. Most bloggers use this medium to enrich their easy way of earning money. However, for this you must make an application to publish their advertisement on your site. If your application is collected by them they will give you an ad code in the mail. the code must be placed in a specific place of your choice.

After placing them in a certain place, within a certain time or two hours, you can see the image ads, text ads, video links given to them on your blog. Now these ads will pay you in a hurry if your visitors see or click.

So you understand that the more popular your blog is, the more visitors you will have and the more you will earn. Another important issue is whether their ad on your site, depending a lot on the popularity of your blog and the right number of visitors.

(2) Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to earn money by blogging online. Using this medium, a blogger publishes advertisements for international products on blogging sites. He will be paid a commission on the product sold only when he visits the link provided.

Doe this, a blogger must first go to sites of affiliate marketing and create an affiliate account. Once the application is accepted, You can login to that account and select the appropriate product link and add it to your blog.

In this case, for a good income, you have to choose the appropriate product according to the type of your website. For a good income, the number of visitors must increase because the more visitors, the more likely they are to sell the product. And the more products sold, the higher the commission will be. But keywords are very important here. Because you need to know which keyword the visitor searches more in google. And for this you must learn keyword research.

(3) Freelance Through Blogs

Another way to earn money with blogs is to make freelance money. That is, in this way you create a complete description of the kind of work that you have the skills to do as a freelance. For example, what you can do, if you have any previous experience. You can publish some samples in the form of a post on the details blog.

Now any organization that hires people for this type of job will be interested to take you for the job if they like to see the details. And this way you can do business for yourself in freelancing sitting at home. You must provide the necessary information to content you in the post.

(4) By Selling Your Own Products

If someone is skilled in various handicrafts

  1. Know how to make different crafts
  2. Knowing how to sew designing dress
  3. Bahari knows how to cook well
  4. E-book link

Including making tutorial videos etc.

Then they can earn money by selling the product by providing a detailed description of the sample, picture price, etc. For this, the product must be specified how a buyer can get it. So that the buyer can easily communicate, the mobile number must be given through e-mail id or any other means of communication.

(5) Through Direct Advertising

In this case, a blogger speaks directly to a company and is contracted to advertise them. you can earn money by publishing advertisements on your blog. In this case, the amount of money can be determined based on the place of publication of the ad. For example, if it is published it is different. The blogger can create a box in the place where the advertising business will be done and write the ad day text here.

Or you can reach out to different advertisers by registering on blogger in monetization. One such popular network is the buy sales ad network. And advertisers will be attracted to advertise only when your blog has a good ranking. And the number of visitors will be more.

(6) By Publishing Sponsored

There are many who do not have their own blog or find it a hassle to be directly involved in such online. Many times they pay to publish their post on some one else’s blog. that’s why bloggers share such posts on has blog in exchange for money.

In this case, a blogger who is willing to publicize has writing for a small amount of money without any hassle can earn some money by taking advantage of that opportunity. Some of these companies are interested in promoting their products and pay a certain amount of money to the blogger accordingly.

(7) Through Product Review

Many have e-commerce companies or sellers. those who increase their sales by promoting their product quality features user feedback etc. On review blogs. many again contract with bloggers. Through which a blogger can earn a lot of money by publishing review. One such online based organization is daraj online shop.

Lastly, no matter what medium you choose, the main thing is that your blog must be neatly organized and popular. And for this, you must try to increase the number of visitors to the blog. You have to write in a well written blog, if you write a good article, visitors will definitely come to your blog. Because the more visitors to that blog, the more popular it will be and the more revenue it will increase.

If a blogger wants, he can earn money by doing another promotion on has blog. We hope you find the article useful. That is our success. Stay well, Thanks.

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