How To Make Money From Google? Important 3 Ways

How To Make Money From Google? Important 3 Ways

Welcome to my how to make money from google? important 3 ways blog post. If you search on google to make money online. You will find many online earning tips. And, to be honest, there are many different ways to earn money online from the internet today. Working part-time and full-time as a passion and interest. If you are talking about me, I’m making a lot of money from the internet. I have already said in some of my previous articles how and through what you can make online income at home. You can take a look at the following articles. However, looking at the title of the article, you may have understood what er are going to talk about today. Today we will learn about “how to make money from google? Important 3 ways”.

Google is an american multinational technology company that specializes in various products and services related to the Internet. Has google online advertising, cloud computing (web hosting), Search engine, software and hardware, various types of products. considered one of the largest companies in the world. Google has many online services and platforms that anyone can use to earn money from google at home. Nowadays, it is possible to easily earn from $10-$100 per day from google. However, many people are making more money online from google. So, if you are also thinking about how to make money online from google at home, here are 3 ways to do it.

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Important 3 Ways To make Money From Google

Here are some tips to help you get started. And thousands of people are using these ways to make money from the internet. However, I will not break down the issues in more detail below.

(1) Make money by blogging

Google has a platform or website called blogger where anyone can create a blog or website.

What Does Blog Mean? How To Make Money From Blogs

So to create a blog or website we have to spend on hosting costs (domain) and more. But using this blogger platform of google. you can create a blog site for free.

How To Create A Free Blogger Blog?

The number of people making money online from a blog is increasing day by day. Because, it is possible to earn less than $5-$50 [per day and in some cases more money from a popular and good organic traffic blog.

Profitable Way To Earn Money From Blogs

Nowadays, You can create a blogger blog in just 10 minutes by watching video tutorials on YouTube.


Steps To Make Money Online From Blog

Learn how to make money from a blog by following the steps below.

  1. First of all, go to google’s website and create a blog.
  2. Then, choose a domain name for your blog.
  3. Choose a simple, lightweight and fast theme or template for your blog.
  4. Here are some common blog settings that you will learn about by watching videos on YouTube.
  5. Regularly publish good and high quality and unique articles on your blog.
  6. In order for your articles to rank well on google, you need to do “On Page SEO” and “Off Page SEO” well.
  7. Lastly, when you expect a good amount of organic traffic to your bolog, apply for “Google Adsense”.
  8. With google adsense approval, you can now earn online income by displaying ads on your blog.
  9. So if your blog has a good amount of traffic or visitors, then you can earn a lot of money from ‘affiliate marketing’.

(2) How To Make Money From YouTube?

After blogging, the most effective way to make money online from the internet is called YouTube. Today, with the advent of 3G and 4G speeds in the internet. People can find solutions to their problems through video.

Moreover, the price of internet packs is much lower now than before. Finding a solution to any problem through video on YouTube has become a new trend on the internet these days. In this case, there is a new opportunity for you to earn money online from google.

We all know that YouTube is a service or product of google company. And if you as a content creator, create a YouTube channel, create and upload videos on various topics. You will have a great opportunity to earn money from YouTube.

By uploading videos to YouTube channels, today thousands of people are making themselves famous and earning millions of rupees. However, people will like the video content you create a lot. Only then, you can see yourself as a successful YouTuber.


Steps To Earn Money From YouTube

By following the steps given below, You can earn money online from YouTube.

  1. First of all you have to create a YouTube channel.
  2. Self-created channels need to have a good name.
  3. In the morning a logo, channel art and channel description on the channel, some general settings have to be done. (you can easily watch YouTube videos).
  4. Now, on your own channel, create and upload good videos. Remember, each video must be made by you.
  5. Uploaded videos must have the correct title and description.
  6. In uploaded videos, you must use interesting thumbnails.
  7. make sure you use SEO in your YouTube videos.
  8. Upload videos following YouTub’s new rules.
  9. In order to make money from YouTube, You must first have a channel, 4000 hours of video watch time and 1000 subscribers.
  10. Now you can connect your Youtube channel with google adsense.
  11. Now, If the videos uploaded to your YouTube channel have been uploaded in accordance with the rules of YouTube and google adsense. Then in a few days your channel will be approved by adsense.
  12. And, once the channel is approved, adsense will show “ads” in videos uploaded to your channel.
  13. Now you can earn money by showing advertisements in your videos through google adsense.
  14. Remember, both YouTube and google adsense are but google company services.

So, this way you can earn money from google through YouTube and Adesnse.

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(3) Make Money By Google Play Store

Google has another product or service called google play store. Here every android smartphone users can download for free and some (apps) with money. You will find many apps here on any subject. There are millions of free applications that you can download from google play store to your android mobile. But did you know that you can make income from google by creating your own android app?

Anyone can submit their android app in google play store and then earn money through advertising. You may be using different apps on your mobile.

One Thing You Noticed?

Every app on your mobile shows some ads from time to time but of course. And by showing these ads again and again, The developers of the apps are earning a good amount of money from google. but you can do that.

How Do You Know?

Just like to make money from any website or YouTube channel. You have to first connect them with google adsense, Just like you have to create an android app and connect the app with google admob to make money. oogle admob is an online advertising company just like google adsense. However, Admob is only used to place ads on apps.

Google adsense is used to display ads on websites, Blogs and youtube videos. So, to make money with any apps, google has create this admob service. When you put admob ads on your apps and leave them in the google play store then thousands of people will download your apps. Now after downloading and installing the apps. When the ads will be shown by your app on the apps user’s mobile, You will earn money. Do you understand, how can you earn money from google play store?

Let’s know step by step below.


How To Make Money From Google Play Store?

You can earn money through apps from google play store by following the steps given below.

  1. First of all, you have to think about the subject of the app. mean, you have to decide which subject or topic to create the app with.
  2. Now you need to create an android application.
  3. Now after create the app go to google admob and create an account.
  4. After creating the account, you have to put ads on your own application by admob.
  5. Now you have to publish your app in google play store.
  6. Remember, before any app can be published in the play store, you need to create an account on the “google play console”. And to sign up you have to play $25 registration fee to google.
  7. Now, Social media marketing, digital marketing or online advertising without the play store to promote the app.
  8. Remember, the more people install your apps on their mobile, the more likely they are to show ads through the app.
  9. Ans, the more people that see your ad, the more revenue you will have.
  10. So, this is how you can earn money online from google play store.

So friends, in this article i have told you 3 ways that can be used to “Earn Money Google” (Earn Money From Google). If you want to make money online from google. You can use any of the ways mentioned above. I hope you enjoyed today’s article and that you learned something new. Moreover, if you have any questions about the article, you can definitely ask through the comments below.

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