How To Make Money By Selling Photos Online? – Sell Your Photo

How To Make Money By Selling Photos Online? - Sell Your Photo

Welcome to my how to make money by selling photos online blog post. Different ways to make money from the internet, I have told you in this blog. In the meantime I will tell you today about a special opportunity to earn money online through photography. Do you enjoy taking pictures on your mobile phone or camera? Do you enjoy taking pictures with the things nest to you? So maybe taking a picture is one of your passion. And you can make this picture taking passion a profitable online income source. How To Make Money By Selling Photos Online is most important for online earning .

You can earn money by selling pictures online. Every picture you take, Can easily earn you money. In this case, the good thing is that you do not need any special experience skills or training. Of course, having a general experience with cameras and photography is important. If you want to take good quality pictures.

Moreover, in order to earn money online by taking pictures like this, you will not need to create any kind of online website or company. So, as long as you keep taking good quality and great pictures, Where there is a mixture of good lighting, color and good natural moments, You will be able to earn a good amount of money. How To Make Money By Selling Photos Online In the end, just like any other job, With experience and work knowledge, the better camera and equipment you have, The better your picture will be. Today I discus How To Make Money By Selling Photos Online.

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There are various mediums on the internet that you can use to earn money with self-portraits. How To Make Money By Selling Photos Online However, Today in this article I will talk about the only profitable and the medium through which many photographers are making online income. And, this medium is, (online stock image website). Today, the age of digital marketing and the internet. in this case, various companies, bloggers, freelancers and online business use it for online content, brochures, Advertisements and many other things (stock image). Using this type of stock image saves them the cost of hiring a photographer. Now, These (stock image), people like you and me can upload to “stock image websites”.

Wherever someone buys your uploaded image from stock image websites, They will be giving full right to use that image. At the same time, you will definitely get some money. And so, making money by uploading pictures to some lucrative and popular stock image websites has become a lucrative online business.


How To Sell Pictures On Stock Image Website?

If you are thinking of earning money online by uploading pictures on stock image website, You have to go to that website and find options like “become a contributor” , “submit image” or “sell your image”. Account registration should be done normally. Where your name, contact details and some other information will be taken. This way, after creating a free account, You can upload your own photos to the “stock image website”.

Now, where ever a user downloads an image you have uploaded. You will be paid some money from that image website. So, in order to sell images through the image website, You must first And, then you have to upload your own pictures.

How Mush Money Can You Make By Selling Pictures Online?

The answer to this question depends on several things. Are you uploading pictures regularly every week? Do you have too many pictures uploaded to your account?

Because, the amount of your total income will depend on how much money you will be paid fro each picture. And that will fix the “Stock image website:, Where you uploaded pictures for the purpose of earning money.

However, almost all good and popular websites will pay you around $0.25 to $0.35 for each photo sold. Paying less is worth it though, keep in mind that each of your photos or image will continue to sell over and over again.

Every time your uploaded other or the same picture is sold and downloaded you will be paid. How depend on the answer to the question, “How Many Pictures Have You Sold Per Month” and How Much Money Have You Paid For each picture”.

See this way,

If you are selling 50 pictures everyday and you are being paid $0.25 for each picture sold. So, 50 * $0.25= $12.5, Which means $12.5 * 71= $887.5 everyday.

So, your month;y income is less, $887 * 30=26,625/- So think, If you download more than 100 pictures everyday and pay more for each picture, then how much income you will have. In this way, many people are earning a huge amount of money online by uploading pictures.

How Long Will It Take To Earn Money?

You will definitely need some time to earn money online by selling pictures. Because, in the first case, You can’t upload too many pictures. The chances of your picture being sold or download will be much less. However, After uploading good quality images on a regular besis for a few days, When your account has a good number of pictures on different topics, Then some of your pictures will start selling.

As a result your income from selling pictures will be almost turned on. So, It can take about 5 to 6 months for online income to start through this. However, If you have a lot of demand from people and you can upload good quality pictures, then there is a chance to start earning in a very short time.


Who Will Buy Your Uploaded Picture?

Today is the time of internet and digital marketing. In this case, various companies, loggers, website owners or online magazine companies buy and use these types of stock image for content promotion, marketing advertisement and more. So, they will demand to buy your pictures. Of course there are many free image websites on the internet that can be downloaded and used for free. However, There are many thousands of such blogs or content writers who use a premium and good quality image in their content or articles.

So, If you can give a lot of good and high quality pictures, then you must buy these uploaded bloggers, content writers or companies, through “image websites”, Your uploaded pictures. The pictures you take should be such that people are attracted to see them.

Top 8 Stock Image Website Names (Image Selling Websites)

Now we talk about our real issues. If you are thinking of earning money by taking good pictures with your mobile or camera, You can earn money by selling your pictures online by visiting the stock photo websites given below.

1. Adobe Stock

Adobe stock, a popular portal among many well-known and online people, Where you can easily upload and sell your photos. On this website, thousands of people from different countries and places visit everyday, to buy a variety of premium images. So, you be a great opportunity to make income online from home. Here, Selling your own photos and videos is much easier. All you have to do is create a free account. then, one by one, you have to upload your own pictures or videos.

By the way Now every time your uploaded picture is bought by people. You will be given 33% commission on every sale. Earned money, you can withdraw through PayPal.


To make money by selling pictures, You need to create a “contributor account” here. Moreover, by watching their online tutorial, You will understand the complete procedure. After creating a contributor, you can start uploading your photos one by one. As a rule, Your uploaded photos will be reviewed. If your photos are added to their image collections on behalf of the bigstock website. think about it, Your photos can now be purchased by anyone. You will be paid for each image download.

Moreover, Your income will also depend on the type of payment plan and image size. You will be paid around $0.25 – $3.00 for each image you download.



To sell images online, Shutterstock is a well-known premium stock image website. Everyday, millions of online marketers and content writers come here to search for premium and high quality images for their content. And it is very common to give pictures to meet the needs of the people. Here you are paid on the subscription plans of the client. According to the website, You can earn up to $120 on each of your photo downloads.

However, As a contributor You will be paid about 20% to 30% of your image sales. And the full amount of money earned will be paid to you monthly by shutterstock. So, Making money from shutterstock can be a very lucrative thing for you, If you are a good photographer.


By creating a contributor account on the alamy website, You can easily upload your own photos. And every picture sold here will give you between 40% and 50% of the sales revenue. The money earned is given to you together on the first day of every month (working day). When in your contributors account. The total income is $50. Then the money is given to you through Paypal or find transfer.


Fotolia is a separate serice from adobe stock. Here you are given a good commission rate. Here you can earn commission income within 20% to 60%.


Istockphoto is a well-known micro stock channel, Where you can upload your photos for sale. However, before joining here as acontributor, you need to upload 3 images. Which will be verified by the istockphoto team. istockphoto if you like the uploaded photo you will be saved as a contributor.

Then, you can start earning money by uploading the rest of your pictures.


How Profitable Is It To Make Money Online By Uploading Pictures?

I know you are very happy to hear about making money online. However, keep in mind that it is not possible for everyone to make money by selling pictures online. Because, people will buy a picture when it will be very interesting to see that picture. The quality of the picture will be much better and the subject matter. In the picture will be taken in a much better way. And, not everyone can shoot these things.

In premium image websites, Many good photographers upload pictures. So, If you want your photos to be popular, then your photo quality should be the same as that of a professional photographer. Moreover, almost all types of stock image websites. Low quality images are not approved on their portals.

So in the end, I would say that if you like to make pictures, If you have a passion for photography and you are taking very good quality pictures, then this medium of selling pictures online is definitely profitable for you.

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