How To Make Money By Creating YouTube Gaming Channel? ~Make Money Online~

How To Make Money By Creating YouTube Gaming Channel? ~Make Money Online~

Welcome to my how to make money by creating youtube gaming channel blog post. Today i will give you a different and more profitable youtube channel idea. And, by creating a channel on this topic. You can easily earn money from youtube without any hassle. Here i am telling you to create a youtube gamin channel. For other youtube channel in general, We have to create different types of content, edit them and then upload them to youtube. How To Make Money Creating YouTube Gaming Channel is most important for online earning.

But, when creating a gaming channel. you don’t have to think much about your content. Because, in this case, if you only play some games, you have to record their game-play as video and upload it to youtube. How To Make Money Creating YouTube Gaming Channel So, while playing the game, he was able to enjoy the game and at the same time he got the content video for his youtbe channel.

A gaming channel on youtube gets a lot of subscribers and views very quickly and quickly. Because, the gameplay of different games, everyone gets much better watching. Make Money Creating YouTube Gaming Channel Also, You must know that approval is also available on a youtube gaming channel through google adsense.

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Some questions And Answers Related To YouTube’s Gaming Channel

Thus, the popularity and profit of gaming channels has come to the notice of everyone. So, almost every popular youtuber who has a channel on blogging, technology, tutorials, entertainment, etc. Has created a gaming channel by 2019 and some by 2020.

Because they know that gaming channels can easily get more subscribers and every uploaded gameplay video has more views. They are definitely making a lot of money through this kind of channel. If you go to youtube and search for gameplay videos of any game, You will find many gameplay videos.

There must be a lot more views in every video. If you open any gameplay video, You will find that just playing the game on your computer or mobile, They are recorded through a screen recorder software, uploaded as a video on youtube. In this case only the game has been played and that gameplay has been recorded and uploaded. And the video that recorded the screen of that gameplay has got thousands of views. Then you can think how ways it is to create content by creating a gaming channel.


1. Do You Get Google Adsense Approval On Gaming Channels?

Of course you will. If you open any bailout channel on youtube, they must be making money using google adsense. A few years ago, adsense approval might not have been available in the gameplay video. Will definitely get adsense approval.

In the case of other common channels, We can apply for adsense monetization after 4,000 hours of watch time 1,000 subscribers. In a year on our gaming channel, we can apply for youtube monetization. After verifying your channel, monetization will be approved. And then keep making money from your own gaming youtube channel.

2. YouTube Sponsorship

There is another great way to earn money from youtube channel and video. That is using the sponsorship function of youtube. Sponsorchip is actually a medium where you don’t have to apply for youtube monetization. However, You have to directly promote and sponsor other companies product, apps, services, etc. Through your own videos.

You will receive a fixed amount of money from the company whose product you are promoting. If you have a good number of subscribers and views on your channel, YouTube will give you the opportunity to earn money through sponsorship. I the case of gaming channels, Many people think that they will not be given the opportunity to earn money through youtube sponsorship. But this is not entirely true.

If you have a good number of subscribers to your channel and a good amount of views on the uploaded gameplay videos, your channel will also be given the opportunity to make money through sponsorship.

3. I Don’t Have A Computer, How Do I Make A Gameplay Video?

If you do not have a computer or laptop, Then there is no problem. You can easily start your own gaming channel by creating a youtube channel on your mobile. I know how you can make a gameplay video without a computer?

In this case you can use your smartphone to create gameplay. If you visit youtube, you will find a lot of gameplay that is being recorded on mobile. For example, pubg, call of duty mobile etc.

You can create gameplay videos of any popular mobile game and upload them to your channel. You can use any mobile screen recording app to create video of the game.

For example, AZ screen recorder, mobizen screen recorder etc.


4. Can Gameplay Be Done With Low Specification Computer?

When it comes to making gameplay videos on PC, one question comes to mind. My computer does not have a very old graphics card. In that case how to play a new game. On youtube you will find not only new games but also gameplay videos of many old popular games.

The old gameplay is getting millions of views. So if you have a very old computer with only 2GB, 4GB or 8GB RAM installed. Then there is nor need to paly new games. People are uploading gameplay of super mario, prince of persia, GTA and many other old games in 2020.

Millions of views are also available in these gameplay. Looking at the picture above. You may understand that the gameplay video of such an old game has got 254 thousands views in just 1 month on youtube. If your PC is very old, then you can create gameplay by playing old games.

5. Do I Have To Buy Games For Gaming Channel?

If you want to record gameplay while playing games on your mobile. You can get almost all kinds of games for free in google play store. You have no worries about mobile. However, If you are talking about computer games or pc games, then i would suggest buying and using the games.

Moreover, if you are playing old games and recording gameplay, then you will get old games in the market for much less money. About 200-500 tk. And even if you are thinking of downloading computer games for free, there are many game downloading websites on the internet. There is an article i wrote about the 4 best pc game download websites.

6. Is It Important To Do Gameplay Video Editing?

There is no need to edit the gameplay videos. Because there will only be a video of you playing the game. If you are thinking of using title or other text graphics like intro etc. In the video. Then you must use a free video editing software. Moreover, these types of gaming videos do not require any other kind of editing.

7. Why Is A Gaming YouTube Cahnnel More Profitable Than Other Channels?

When you create any other related channel, such as blogging, tech, information, entertainment, etc. you have to think a lot about content. In the case of these channels, to create each video. A separate topic is required. After getting the topic, It is not an easy task to make a good quality video by doing full research on that topic.

Beyond that, Whether you will rank your video on youtube after so much trouble is a big question. A gaming youtube channel is much more advantageous than this type of channel. You don’t have to think so much about your content. If you choose a popular game, then you have to make a gameplay video of the same game for a long time as a part or separate episode.

As i said before, people get much better by watching gameplay videos. Moreover, after getting the views on the subscriber and videos easily, apply for youtube monetization with approval, keep earning money.


8. How To Create A gaming Channel?

There are no separate rules for creating gaming channels on youtube. The way ordinary channels are created. In the same way you have to create channels for gaming.

1. First of all, create a youtube channel.

2. Then you need to create an attractive logo for your channel.

3. after creating and uploading the logo, You have to give it with channel info and channel art image.

4. Play good games on your compute or mobile and record gameplay videos through screen recording software.

5. Upload the gameplay videos created at the end to your youtube channel.

6. Once you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of video watch time, apply for youtube monetization.

7. Once you get youtube monetization approval, keep making money through uploaded gameplay videos.

Final Opinion:

Creates a youtube gameplay channel very easily. You can earn money by playing games yourself, recording them and uploading them to your own channel. At present many people are earning a lot of money by creating such a gaming channel. Because, it is very easy to create a gameplay video for uploading to such a channel and you will enjoy playing different games on your own. So, I am thinking of creating a channel like this.

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