How To Increase YouTube Video Views? ~Best Way To Increase Video Views~

How To Increase YouTube Video Views? ~Best Way To Increase Video Views~

Welcome to my how to increase youtube video views blog post. With every new and many experiences, YouTube has one and a half common problems. That is, there are no views on youtube or the videos uploaded to my youtube channel have much less views. In this case, However, there are many ways or solutions to increase the views of youtube videos on the internet. We must find on various blogs or websites.

However, Almost every article written about increasing youtube video views does not provide you with complete and urgent information. In order to increase views on youtube, You need to promote your videos to people first. Because, when people find out about your video, it will be an opportunity to watch that video. The world’s second largest borough search engine will be used to increase views on every video uploaded to your channel. And that is, “YouTube Search”.

Today, YouTube search algorithms and youtube bot detection capacity have become more and more advanced. Making it difficult to get views through youtube search. Because, in today’s competition era and youtube will give more views to the uploaded video depending entirely on the youtube algorithm and bots.

However, If people like your uploaded videos and watch them more often, then youtube will get a much better user behavior signal in your video. The chances of your video ranking better than other and on the first page will increase a lot. So, if you create good and hopeful content for people’s work, The views on your video will increase automatically through youtube search.

Also, There are many more things that you can do to increase your YouTube views by 70% just by meditating. Let’s talk about those issues below.

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How To Increase YouTube Video Views?

YouTube is a much more popular video publishing website today. Thousands and millions of videos are being uploaded here every day. How To Increase YouTube Video Views in this case, if you are a youtube video content creator and use the media below for free. If you want to increase the view of your video it must take some time.

What To Do To Get Views From YouTube Search Results?

Like google search engine, youtube has its own algorithm. Through which youtube shows people on its front page as the best videos results out of thousands of videos on any subject. first you need to optimize your videos for youtube.s algorithm. This will increase your chances of showing your videos as a result on the first page of youtube by 60%. As a result, the views on the videos will increase a lot.

So let’s know what video optimization needs to be done to get views from youtube search.


1. Pick Tags That Will Be Good For SEO

You must know that when uploading videos on youtube, along with the option of video title and description. We are also given the option of video tags. In This video tags option or box we have to use some exact tags or keywords related to the video.

Using the right tags, the youtube search algorithm can easily understand the topic of your video. People will easily see your video when they search on youtube with the video tags or keywords you use in the video.

First of all, Remember that it is very important to use the video tags associated with the video to get more views from the youtube search.

For Example

If i made a video on how to make money from youtube then the video tag can be used-

Income from youtube

Earn money from youtube

Easy way to earn money from youtube

How to make money from youtube

Income online income from youtube

And you can use a variety of tags or keywords that are relevant to your video and that are very popular. Views on my youtube videos were much lower. Through this i have increased the views of many of my videos more and more.

2. Keyword Reach SEO Video Description

See google search whether it is very important to use the correct keyword in the description to get free traffic through youtube search. It can be said that it is very important to use “keyword reach video description” to get view on youtube videos from search engines.

You must use the keyword description that you have created the video targeting iwice. Moreover, the subject on which you have made the video should be easily revealed in the video description.


3. Content Is King

Whatever you do, If the content of your video is not good or the video you have create is not good for people to see. Then the chances of success on youtube are much less. In 2020 the youtube algorithm focuses on your behavior. YouTube ranks any video based on how well people are watching your video. Now, how will the youtube algorithm know if people are enjoying writing your videos?

The answer is, video watch time. Now, if I made a video that is 5 minutes long. Suppose my video is views by a total of 100 people. And, If 60 of them watched my video in about 3 to 4 minutes. So, it means that the sontent of my video has been good and people have liked my video for so long.

In this way, the youtube algorithm ranks any video in a youtube search. Based on the watch time of the people who viewed each of your videos. So to put it bluntly, the content of every video you make should be made in such a way that people can easily solve their problems.

Moreover, people get more interest watching the video when they talk about work topics in a straigtforward way without talking about unnecessary things on the video. This will definitely increase your video watch time.

4. Keyword Rich Titles

Almost all of us know about this. It is very important to use our targeted keyword in the title of the video. Because the youtube algorithm burns the keywords used in your video (title) to understand what your video is about.

So, unless you use “targeted keywords” in your title. YouTube will not understand the subject matter of your video. As a result your video will not be shown in the right place for the keywords in the search results. Be sure to use the keywords you are targeting on your video title.

5. Select Highly Searched Keywords

If you are following all kinds of youtube SEO Process or rules. But even if the view is not coming in your toutube video. Then maybe you are making video without keyword research. Keyword research lets us know how many people search on any topic or keyword on google or youtube.

If we make a video without keyword research. We will not be able to know how popular the keywords or topics targeted in the video are among the people. We are making videos and uploading them on youtube although there is no search on youtube for the videos we have made. And, That’s the biggest reason why re are not getting views on youtube.

So, before creating a video, You need to know how many searches are being done per month on the keywords targeted in the video through keyword research. If a kwyeord is being searched in search segines 200 to 500 times a month. Then there is a chance to get views if you create a video targeting that keyword.


You can use these tools for youtube kwyword research-


Google Trends

YouTube Auto Suggest



So, using the free YouTube kwyword research tools above, You can save profitable keywords for your videos.

6. Create Video Backlink

Like blogging, It’s important to have backlinks to youtube videos these days. How To Increase YouTube Video Views In this way, google or youtube search algorithm makes your video very popular and popular. So, by creating video backlinks, you can increase the wiew of the video through youtube search.

Having a backlink to a video means having or using your video link on another website or blog. You can use quora to create video backlinks. Quora is a well-known and popular question and answer website from which the demand and quality of asha backlinks is much higher.

Moreover, You can create backlinks by creating your own blogembedding your own videos. So using the seo rules or methods i mentioned above. You can increase your youtube views through google search and youtube search.

Other Important Factors To Increase YouTube Views

There are many other things besides YouTube SEO optimization that will help you get more views on your videos. Vecause through SEO optimization. Although we can bring our videos in the top 5 position of the search results page, but why people will watch our video instead of the other 4 videos?

In addition to SEO, We need to do some other optimization so that people can easily strat watching videos by clicking on our videos.

1. Choose A Good Thumbnail

The thumbanil used in your video must be interesting and engaging with the video. About 80% of youtube video links are clicked by people after viewing the thumbnail. Use high quality image on thumbnail image. In addition, the bold font style must be clearly written. Attractive if you have a thumbnail design your views will easily increase quickly.

2. Make Your Title Short And Interesting

The video title you use or write should be short and clear. Then people can easily understand the subject of your video and click to watch the video.

3. Sharing In Social Media

Sharing your own videos on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is not a good thing. However, by shiring some amount, You can increase the views by promoting your videos to the people.

4. With Blogging

If you have create a blog related to your youtube channel. You can get both backlinks and views from the blog by writing an article on your blog embedding video in it. Through this i got a lot of views and subscribers to the videos on my youtube channel.

Final Opinion:

So, If you are also thinking how to increase the view of youtube. What are the rules to increase the view of the video. Then every step given above will come in handy. Keep in mind that you may need to use google search or youtube search to get a lot of views on youtube videos. With no other means, It is not possible to get more views on youtube.

So, all of the things I told you about above are extremely important if you want to get more views on youtube videos.

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