How To Earn Money YouTube ? If You Want To Be A YouTuber Follow These Steps!

How To Earn Money YouTube ? If You Want To Be A YouTuber Follow These Steps!

Welcome to my how to earn money YouTube blog post. YouTube marketing is gaining popularity these days. Thousands of young people around the world are earning a lot of money by marketing YouTube. If you do YouTube marketing from today , you will be able to earn within 6 months. For this reason, I am writing this content for newcomers. I hope You will find it useful. Then learn how to be one of the best YouTubers online. Today i discuss you how to earn money YouTube . So let’s go to the main discussion without delay.


How To Earn Money YouTube ? If You Want To Be A YouTuber Follow These Steps!

How To Earn Money YouTube ? If You Want To Be A YouTuber Follow These Steps!

1. Must Have Strong Will Power :

How To Earn Money YouTube then you have a strong desire to be a YouTube, Then you can be a YouTube. Otherwise it is not possible. Your desire plays the most important role behind whatever you want to do. So if you want to be a YouTube, You have to have a strong desire. Only then can you succeed.

2. Love Making Videos :

Making videos is a creative job and not everyone likes this creative work. So you need to know what video making is like first. Ask yourself if you like the video or if it seems like a lot of trouble.

How to Make A Video To Get Monetized On YouTube ?

Naturally ask this question by looking at your phone’s camera. If you get a simple answer then who stops you from being YouTube ! Keep moving forward by following the next steps.


3. Selects Niche For YouTube Channel :

If you want to open a YouTube channel, The first thing you need to do is select a good niche. The niche is that you make videos on the subject on youtube. many people fail on youtube because they give videos on topic today and videos on another topic tomorrow. In this way, just as there is no continuity in their work, their audience also gets annoyed.

4. You Need To Open A YouTube Channel :

Now that you have a niche selection of your YouTube channel. You need to Create a YouTube channel. After selecting the niche, It will be easy to select a nice name for your YouTube channel.

5. The YouTube Channel Needs To Be Set Up well :

Don’t think that you have finished your work by opening a channel, But start working from now on forever. Now you have to set up the channel correctly and in this many people make mistakes so they have to face many problems later. So set up a YouTube channel properly.

6. Getting Beautiful Video Ideas :

Making videos on YouTube is a creative job, So you have to constantly introduce creativity. If you think that you can make a video like this by following the videos of ten other people then you are making a mistake because uniqueness is an important issue here. If your video does not reflect your unique identity, but your audience will not accept you very well! You will see that they are calling you a copycat and rejecting you. So we have to come up with the idea of making beautiful videos.


7. Need To Manage Some Necessary Tools :

Now in this step you have to manage some tools for YouTube. The video you create for Youtube requires some tools and not all the tools you have to buy because maybe you already have a lot of tools. Again many tools are available for free so I am talking about managing these tools here . I suggest you best 2 tools (VidiQ, Tubeboddy).

8. Creating A Beautiful Routine :

The key to success in any endeavor is to work according to the rules and a beautiful routine. A beautiful routine means that you can follow the routine in a very nice way. So create a routine that matches your skills and work in a streamlined way. You will see that one day all your work will start to be good and will be a success.

9. Make Regular Videos :

I am talking about creating a routine so that you can follow the routine and make videos for your YouTube channel on a regular basis. Because tobe successful you have to make regular videos. Many People want to know the secret of success of youtube, but the key to success on YouTube is to make regular videos and publish them .

10. Learn how To Upload videos Properly :

Just making regular videos will not work. You have to publish those videos properly on your channel and only then you will get good results. So you should first learn how to publish videos on YouTube in the right way.

11. Videos Need To Be romoted Regularly :

To be a god Youtuber, You don’t have to just publish a video. You need to promote it immediately. This is done so that more people can find out about your video. First you need to promote more and more. Then you will see that automatically when many people know about your video, you don’t have to bother anymore.

12. Work Must Continue :

You have to work regularly. Don’t be discouraged. If you keep working, you will see that one by one success is coming into your hands. If you are impatient in any situation, You should not go ahead.

13. To Enter The YouTube Lifestyle :

YouTube lifestyle is a lifestyle where you have no boss. You are your own boss. You are setting your own time. There is no one to scold you. You have the freedom of time, the freedom of money and the freedom of travel. So the advantage of online lifestyle is that it is much more comfortable.

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