How To Earn Money Using Facebook? ~ 5 Ways To Earn Money From Facebook ~

How To Earn Money Using Facebook? ~ 5 Ways To Earn Money From Facebook ~

Welcome to my how to earn money using facebook blog post. We have a lot of good ways to make money online at home. I have already said that making money from blogs and making money online. YouTube is most profitable and fast way to success. But, You will be happy to know that you can money online even if you open a facebook account. This means that it is now possible to earn money through facebook. And, so how to earn money using facebook. I will tell you 5 means of income or rules. How to earn money using facebook?

As we all know, Facebook is the largest social media website in the world. This social media site has 2.2 billion registered active users per month. And this number is growing. We waste ti,e creating this facebook account day after day, Chatting and seeing the status of others. If you eant, you can take advantage of this by making the world’s most famous social media website a way to earn money.

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How To Earn Money Using Facebook? (5 Income Methods)

Making monet by opening a facebook account is not a straightforward task. But there are a number of proven ways on the internet that can be used to earn money through facebook. And many doing. So, from the internet and from many places, Here are 5 ways you can use facebook to make money online.

1. Facebook Market Place

How To Earn Money Using Facebook? ~5 Ways To Earn Money From Facebook~

Maybe many of you know about the facebook market place? Is that so? With this service of facebook, You can list any product, service or offer here and show it to people. This is similar to an online shopping website. Where anyone with a facebook account can buy and sell their products or services through advertising and make money.

If you want to tell something, you can show it to thousands of people on facebook through the “facebook Marketplace” at home. Sitting at home, You will continue to get customers for your product and you will continue to be profitable.

How To Reduce Money By Market Place?

The first thing you need to do is buy a good and indemand product from a wholesaler or a low priced store. For example, beautiful earrings, stylish sarees, boys clothes. You can advertise your product for free.

You can show your as in any city, country or local place with your facebook group, profile and promote ad option. If someone likes your ad or peoduct, they can call you directly on mobile number and talk about damadami or product. Believe me, People are making money by running their own online business from homw through such facebook ads.

You can too. Remember, the key to online business is demand and low prices. If you sell a product that is in demand at a lower price than the local market. Then you will get a lot of customers from facebook by advertising that product. It is much easier to get customers, especially from your local area.

Because, in your facebook profile, only the people in your city or nearby are involved with you as friends. So, You can make those friends and a half your customers. And so, you will not have any difficulty in delivering the product or thing.


2. Make Money By Uploading Videos (Ads Breaks)

I don’t know if you have heard about the new “video monetization” of facebook. However, Facebook video monetization or ads break is a new process or service from facebook. That allows you to ean unlimited income by uploading videos to the facebook fan page. Let’s know more about this.

What is facebook ads breaks or video monetization?

facebook ads breaks are small ads, which you can show in your own video and earn money from it. You need to upload the video to your facebook page and you will need a facebook fan page. To earn income through this. You can’t put these ads breaks or ads on videos uploaded to your facebook profile. It’s like a YouTube channel. As we uploaded video to youtube, We earn money by displaying google adsense ads.

By uploading your own video on facebook page, You can earn money by showing ads in it through ads breaks.

Just like we need to follow some rules or requirements before making money from youtube. You will also need some rules or requirements to make money by uploading videos on facebook page. I have said everythings about ads breaks in a good way – Upload videos on facebook and earn income (ads vreaks)

3. Earnings Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a word or topic that every blogger or youtube channel owner knows about. The most profitable and hopeful way to earn money online. Many people are earning thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing at home. affiliate marketing is a way or means by which you can get commissions from various online shopping websites. On the internet by showing any things or product on your blog. YouTube channel or facebook fan page or on their promotional core.

Online shopping sites such as amazon, flipkart or snapdeal give us the opportunoty to share or promote any of their products with people through affiliate links. When someone buys somthing from the link of the product we shared from that online website, we don,t deduct some commission money. The commission earned may be different for different products. This is affiliate marketing.

If you have a facebook fan page and it has a lot of likes ir a facebook group, then you can share affiliate links of various products on that page or group.

Whenever someone buys something from a link to your shared product. You will earn a commission from the website from which you have shared the affiliate link. Affiliate marketing can prove to be a great way for you make money from facebook. Nowadays you can register yourself as an affiliate marketing on any online shopping site and earn money by sharing any of their products.


4. Direct Local Product Advertising

If you have a lot of friends in your facebook account, a group or you have a facebook fan page. where there are thousands of likes, then you can earn money by showing ads for local products. You can show any advertisement, any new store advertisement, any place, restaurant or any market next to you can earn money by showing it on your facebook page or profile.

In order to earn money from facebook pages, first of all, you need to find those who want to see the ads. you can go to the shops next to yours and ask if they want to show some ads on your facebook page. Remember, thousands of people are online on social media these days. And , Facebook is a very lucrative medium for showing ads or promoting anything.

If you have between 10 and 50 thousand likes on your facebook page. You will easily find many local advertisers. who will pay you to show local ads on your . There are many YouTube channel owners and blog owners who can pay you to show their videos or blogsads on your facebook page.

In this way, they will get free social traffic on their blog articles or youtube videos. But, first you need to find a blog owner who wants yo buy socila traffic to your blog.

5. Sell Facebook Pages

YouTube channel owners want to buy a variety of facebook pages for the promotion of their blog or channel. You have a good number of likes on your facebook page, then you can reduce the money by selling that page at a good price. You can view a post on your facebook group, or account, if you want to sell your page.

There are many buy/sell group on facebook in which you can go to advertise/ post to sell your page. And, if someone wants to buy your page, he can contact you directly through facebook.

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