How Does Google Make Money? ~Best 7 Ways~

How Does Google Make Money? ~Best 7 Ways~

Welcome to my how does google make money blog post. Our case today is a little different. Today we will not talk about making money from online internet. However, thousands of people from home and abroad are raening money through the company sitting at home. I will know how that company is making income. Do you understand that today we will talk about how google makes money. Google is ranked among the top 4 technology companies in the world. Today people like you and me can earn money online through blogger , YouTube, Google play store or Adsense. All these services are from google. And if I’m not mistaken, people are making thousands of dollars every day using googles services.

You can not imagine how much money can be made online every day just through “Google Adsense”. If google is giving thousands of people thousands of dollars every day. Then the question is “How does google make money?” I am writing this article today to answer this question. So today we know how and by what means google is making money.

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How Does Google Make Money?

Before we talk about how google makes money let’s take a look at what “google is”. Google LLC is an “American multinational technology company” that specializes in internet related products and services. This means that google has created a variety of well-known products and services that are specifically related to the internet. Some of googles most popular and popular products and services are online advertising solutions, cloud computing solutions, search engine, android OS, office tools, email service, blogger, google playstore and many more. But we all know google and 85% of people know is as an online web search engine. Because, first of all google started with only one web search engine.

Google Is Currently Making Money Through Which?

Google Has a variety of online services and software and hardware. So google is not making income through just one or two. However, I would not be wrong to say that most of the income is coming from “online advertisement, digital marketing, search engine marketing and internet advertising, google ads are used the most.

In 2016 about $110.8 billion revenue came from google online advertising service, google ads. Nowadays, We all know hoe popular online advertising and digital marketing is. So at present, google income from online advertising is more than 2016.

  1. In the fourth quarter of 2019, google search and other advertising revenues were about $27.2 billion.
  2. YouTube generated $4.7 billion in advertising revenue in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Then you understand that google highest income is coming through online advertising. Let’s take a look at some of google’s other sources of revenue below.


What Is Google Making Money Through?

Google is earning the most from the following media

#1. Selling Advertisements On Google

How Does Google Make Money?

In the picture above, you can see that when a search is done with a keyword or topic in google search. Then google shows some ads at the top of its SERP (search engine result page). Different people advertisers and companies pay google to show these ads on google search engine. Using the google ads platform, anyone can tell google which keywords or subject they want to see in the ad themselves.

You ca go to this online advertising platform of google to market, promote, install or advertise your product, service, website, video or app. And in return for which google “advertisers” take some money from one and a half. However, to show your ads in google ads, Google is not limited to the “search engine”. Your ads, which are offered to google online are displayed on “search engine” as well as on various website, apps and blogs.

this process of digital marketing through google ads is much cheaper than any other process of physical marketing. Moreover, With digital marketing JK can easily get targeted customers very easily. So google is making a lot money through this online advertising.

#2. google Play Store

We all know google play store is a service of google where we get through of “android apps”. However, in the google play store, JK has to pay a free of $25 to google to release its own application apps. Everyday thousands of apps are related in the google play store. So, you can guess how much revenue google can get from this.


#3. Software By Google

Google has many types of computer software and android mobile software. However, most of the software or apps we can use for free. But there are some apps or software that we have to buy and use from google. Moreover, google has its own mobile operating system (OS) which we know as Android. We all know how popular android OS is and how much demand there is for this OS on any smartphone. In this case, different mobile companies have to pay google to use google’s android OS on their mobiles. So you know yourself, how much more android mobile demand in any country.

And almost every mobile company is using this android OS of google on their mobiles. So google is making a lot of money from here.

#4. Google Cloud Services

Google cloud platform is a paid services of google which is provided for cloud computing. Simple put, it is a type of cloud web hosting, which is used for website hosting, developer tools, data storage, networking, API management, machine learning or cloud computing. However, this cloud web service is not easy to use for everyone. Because compared to other cloud services, google’s cloud services are a little more advanced.

This service from google is much faster, Modern and high quality than others. But to use this google cloud service you have to spend a good amount of money. You need to pay a little more for google cloud service than any other cloud web service. And so in this case too google is earning a good amount of money through cloud services.

#5. From YouTube Ads

YouTube is a google service that contains millions of videos. Moreover, thousands of new videos are uploaded here every day. Youtube is google business model from which google earns most of its total revenue as advertisement revenue. This means that videos on YouTube are advertised by google. When you watch a video on YouTube, most of the videos are per-started and in some cases the video sometimes shows some ads.

And if you watch those ads in full, YouTube earns about $0.20-751.75. The amount of money earned in exchange for advertising depends on many different things. Individuals from various big companies also pay YouTube to show their ads on some famous and popular YouTube channels. A large portion of googles total revenue comes from these advertisements on the search engine and YouTube.

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#6. Adsense Network

google adsense is a network that google is using to make a lot of money. Google “content writers/creators” use this platform. Like me or any other blogger or YouTube channel owner. Through adsense, blog or YouTube channel owners can earn money through their content. Various advertisers pay google to display ads for their products and services through the google ads platform.

And through various bloggers or YouTube channels “google adsense” those ads show their visitors through their online content. In return, google advertisers pay one and a half to some of the money earned by these “content creators or ad publishers”. In this way, as advertisers get a targeted audience, online content creators like google and me also get a chance to make money. Everyone is benefiting from this. So through this google is able to earn the most money.

#7. Google Pixel Smartphone

Google pixel is a brand of consumer electronic service device made by google. Used “chrome OS” or “androif operating system” in these devices or smartphones. These pixel devices include laptops, smartphones, tablets and more. So, pixel devices are also a great source of income for google.

Last Word,

So friends, do you understand “how does google make money?”. Thus, most of google revenue comes from “google ads” and Google adsense”. However, as i said above, google has other products, services and software that are also a source of revenue for google. In addition, the google pixel is a consumer electronic service devices smartphone developed by google, which covers a good portion of google revenue.

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