DoodleMaker Review – Read This Before You Buy It

DoodleMaker Review - Read This Before You Buy It

DoodleMaker Review

Welcome to the DoodleMaker Review post. The fastest way to grow your brand generate more leads and sales is by creating your captivating doodle videos that educate and convert your prospects into buyers. But creating your own colorful doodle explainer videos was always hard. Time consuming and needed a lot of creativity now that’s solved forever. With a new app that generates complete doodle videos using simple articles. Just copy/ paste any text or YouTube URL and the app automatically creates professional doodle explainer videos in minutes with full flexibility using game changing artificial intelligence technology.

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DoodleMaker Review – Overview

CreatorPaul Ponna
Launch Date2020-Sep-01
Launch Time15:00 EDT
Front-End Price$67
BonusesYes, Huge Bonuses
SkillAll Levels
Guarantee30 Day Money Back Guarantee
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly Recommend!

This new app comes loaded with first to market features like:

+ Flexible drag and drop video editing canvas.

+ 300+ ready made templates with pro voiceovers.

+ Ground breaking text to speech in 60+ languages.

+ Articial intelligence doodle video creation engine.

+ Any image convert into a colorful doodle video.

+ Agency license included to create video for clients.

+ Cutting edge AI photo background removal technology.

+ Create Unlimited videos with full flexibility.

+ And many more.

If you ever wanted to create videos like the pros without having the skills or watching hundreds of hours of training. This is the only solution you need to succeed as everything is done by the AI. The AI this app gets smarter with every use so the more you use it. The better your video creation experience becomes. You can modify and customize things as you wish every step of the way using a platform that’s easier to use than powerpoint. to get more details about DoodleMaker app. Please keep following my DoodleMaker review because you will get my honest walkthrough from a real user.



The world’s first doodle video creation software. That uses intuitive artificial intelligemce to allow anyone, regardless of technical skills, age or design skills to effortlessly create spectacular, realistic and professional doodle videos in over 30+ languages within minutes.

Specifically, DoodleMaker allows you to convert any video or any piece of content you like into 3 different formats including backboard, whiteboard, glassboard switcher with just a few clicks of mouse.


(+) 250+ TEMPLATES

DoodleMaker comes loaded with over 250+ Whiteboard, Blackboard and Glassboard Video Templates which are all in the hottest trending niches and industries. The best thing is they comprises realistic human voice overs, effects and animations so they are ready to go.

You are customize these templates in any way you want whether for personal or commercial use.


As i have mentioned before DoodleMaker can help you to convert any video with voice and then the inbuilt AI translation engine will automatrically generate a professional looking doodle video in over 30 languages on demand. All you need to do is just upload your video or paste a youtube url and the magic will then happen in minutes. You will be able to create a brilliant doodle video while having to spend little effort.

In addition, this AI technology lets you use pre populated human male or female voice over or you can also use your own too. DoodleMaker can convert your audio into over 100 voices in more than 30 languages on demand. This feature just maximize your doodle video exposure and reach global customers in no time for massive profits.


DoodleMaker provides you with complete control over doodle. Can you customize it without any restriction. Thus add a personal touche and enables. You doodle to be unique whether its your own project or client’s project.


Here Are Just A Few Things That Doodle Maker Can Do:

[+] Create Whiteboard, blackboard and glassboard doodle videos in minutes within one app – no need for multiple apps.

[+] Convert all your existing video into doodle animation videos effortlessly using our next generation.

[+] Absolutely the best text to speech engine in the world to create studio quality videos in any language without ever having to record your own voice. Be in front of the camera or hire expensive voice over artists.

[+] The fastest animated doodle video maker software in the world using the power of articial intelligence.

[+] The app is no the cloud which means all the video creation happens on our enterprise grade google and amazon servers.

[+] Create studio quality whiteboard and doodle videos without expensive computer hardware or needing years of animation experience.

[+] Access to a library of soundtracks to really create a unique doodle video with all the bells and whistles.

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The front end offer of doodle maker offers tons of features for a one time price.

+ Unlimited Customization

+ Whiteboard, Glassboard & Blackboard Videos

+ Effortlessly easy to use

+ AI video translation Engine

+ Over 250+ Templates

+ Text to speech in 70 languages

+ Create unlimited videos

+ Unlimited usage – No limits

+ Built in Doodle style transitions

+ YouTube and vimeo publisher

+ Add your own watermark

+ Record your own voice

+ Freehand Editor

+ Icon finder and pixabay API

+ 160+ male & female voices

+ Element apeed changer

+ Full HD rendering

+ Intuitive text to image finder

+ Built in color changer

+ Millions of high quality doodle images & Icons

+ Image To Sketch Converter

+ Royalty free image library


Does Doodle Maker Work On Windows & MAC?

Yes, DoodleMaker is a 100% cloud based solution, meaning it’ll work on any operating system. All you need is an internet connection to use the app. Nothing to install, nothing to update it works perfectly right out of the box.

You Say Unlimited Usage What’s The Catch?

There is no catch! If you choose doodle maker commercial. You can create & sell as many videos as you want, as often as you want, for any number of niches.

Step By Step Training Included?

Yes, Doodle maker comes with step by step video training walking you. Through the entire process and it also includes how to sell your videos for top dollar.


Now you can create professional doodle videos in minutes in any niches. You don’t ever need to be in front of a camera or ever use your own voice. The AI video translation engine you can now effectively communicate to customers globally in their native tongue.

I highly recommend doodle maker to anyone wants to create & sell an incredible amount. High quality doodle videos quickly & easily, even if you are just starting out or have no experience like me. If you have any other questions. Please drop your messages in the comment section below. Thanks for reading my DoodleMaker Review.

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